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Atlanta women counselor The Grove Counseling & Consulting


Individual Counseling

One on one talk therapy is an opportunity to set personal goals, process challenges, and develop life skills through a confidential and trusting relationship.

50 minute sessions

Workshops / Professional Development

As a therapist for teen girls and young women in Georgia, I love partnering with schools and companies to offer training for staff and/or educators on topics, such as mental health, social justice, mindfulness, anxiety, and culturally responsive teaching!

Group Counseling

Small groups typically include 6-8 clients who are working toward similar goals. It is an opportunity to learn from others, realize you are not alone, and learn new skills in a shared experience. 

60 minutes, 10-12 weeks

Networking Calls & Events

Building strong relationships with other counselors and therapists in Georgia (and beyond) is very important to me. Whether it is through a phone call, Zoom call, meet up, or networking event, let's connect!

Parent Consultations

Consultations are available for parents who would like to meet prior to scheduling an appointment for their child. It is also an option for parents who would like insight, resources, and/or guidance concerning helping their child.

Telehealth Counseling

Many of my clients prefer the convenience of telehealth or virtual counseling sessions. Virtual sessions are available to teen girls and women in the state of Georgia. Sessions are held through the HIPAA-compliant platform of Simple Practice.

50 minute sessions


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