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Thank you for visiting The Grove's blog! My name is Taylor Warren, and I am the Founder of The Grove Counseling & Consulting, LLC in Atlanta, GA. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and former School Counselor, I am passionate about equipping teen girls and young women with tools to overcome anxiety, self-esteem concerns, perfectionism, and eating disorders. While I primarily provide these tools in individual counseling sessions with clients, I am excited to start sharing mental health tips, strategies, and information on this blog platform!

You can expect to see posts on topics, such as managing and understanding your emotions, shedding the unattainable goal of being "perfect," understanding your eating disorder, building healthy confidence, and setting boundaries in your relationships. Make sure to subscribe to get exclusive updates on blog posts, newsletters, and upcoming small group counseling opportunities!

Thank you for being here. My goal is that you will gain hope and insight along the way that will add value to your life!

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